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Pastor Holding Bible

Writing the Perfect Sermon

The title suggests that there is such a thing as a perfect sermon. I think that excellence resembles beauty, that is, in the eyes of the beholder. You may believe that a sermon was perfect however half your congregation were sleeping.Sermon 01

On the other hand, you may consider that the sermon you provided was not that great and yet members of your congregation showed up and thanked you. So perfection is what we clearly strive to achieve. We will be taking a look at how you can compose a sermon that motivates your parish. I will certainly outline three steps when planning your sermon that will keep your congregation interested.

Know your audience

This appears such a simple factor to consider, but you will be amazed by the number of people who forget that. Who is your parish? Where are they from? Exactly what do they share? Do you know of anything that divides them? The sermon you deliver to a congregation in a town church will certainly be different to that of an inner city church. The pressures are different, it is still the Word of God but your audience will vary. Know your audience.

Sermon 02Find that passage from the Bible

Obvious that many sermons use the Bible as the guide? However, it ought to once again relate back to your audience. Does it show direction, fix an issue, stimulates ideas, offers support and guidance? With the personal touch, you are part of the congregation sharing their happiness being there in times of sadness and difficulty. I have heard said that humor can be useful in a sermon. I’m not stating not to use humor; nevertheless caution is advised when it concerns making use of funny stories. Remember what might be sweet for someone could be sour for another person. Humor is always a matter of viewpoint so be careful with it. You do not want to distress your parishioners. It might be something that occurred to you that you discover amusing, great, but treat humor with respect and do not overplay it.

Keep it Short

This can not be stressed enough. 15 minutes is long enough. If you are an evangelist, then you might Pastor Holding Bibleneed to speak for 2 hours, and your ability level in public speaking will certainly have to be developed. It is just a sermon at a local church with members of the community coming together to Commend God. A wise minister said that if you cannot get your point across in 10 minutes then the point, whatever it is, is lost.

There will certainly be other pointers to writing the best sermon but for now remember these points.…