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Power Point a Blessing to All Businesses

It’s not unusual that PowerPoint ended up being the universal tool in the business world thanks to its quick to make, simple to attach video & audio and reliable to present ideas and concepts.Powerpoint 01

In today’s business boardroom, PowerPoint presentation is so overwhelming that it appears individuals are not able to offer a clear presentation without a multi-graphic, text-heavy PowerPoint presentation backing you up.

Is PowerPoint truly a blessing to all business people?

Attending business meetings for ten years, I was so annoyed by numerous useless presentations packed with all types of transition effects, clipboard and video, which can trigger a visual chaos. Those people care too much about the appearance of their presentation trying hard to catch audience’s attention. In some way, they do attain this, however, in a way against their genuine function of conveying their concepts. That’s what a PowerPoint presentation has to do, and they just distract people attention by all the visual effects. What a pity!

Powerpoint 03In my viewpoint, a PowerPoint presentation needs to match its function. If you create a presentation for entertainment, you can just go ahead to make a light-hearted, colorful, media-rich presentation, that’s okay. However, if you want produce a business presentation, the following principals will help you:

1. Keep it easy

As with any design, cut the mess. Stop the use of those useless transitions and sound effects, such gimmicks seldom boost the message you’re trying to communicate and also distracts, they will not impress your audiences.

2. Cut heavy text

PowerPoint presentations are undoubtedly an excellent medium for illustrating an idea graphically or powerpointsupplying an introduction. However, you cannot make the presentation talk for itself with a long, tardy illustration, your audience will be burning out to death. Keep illustration brief and to point.

3. Less unnecessary Graphic

Like transitions and sound effects, the graphic will become the center of focus, which in turn distracts audiences. Unless it is required, the less graphic there are, the much better the result is.…