Working In Health And Safety Environment

It is a term used to make rules and laws that are set for a healthy and safe environment as a guidance to protect employees, the environment and public at large from harm. Many people have always wondered what working in health and safety environment is like.

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Health and safety at work

kjjjkjkjkknnnbbIn workplaces, working in health and safety environment should be the most important aspect as it looks after the well-being of the workers. Health and safety are a requirement at work.

It is divided into four broad categories namely: the welfare facilities, workplace safety, housekeeping and the working environment.

Welfare facilities

The welfare facility falls under the Health Safety at work etc. Act 1974 Employers and all those under the control of workplaces to ensure the safety of employees, and those using the premises.

the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) regulation 1992 further defines workplace as not only factories and offices but also hospitals, schools, private roads and paths, business parks and temporary work sites.

Working environment

Working environment should be well ventilated, wide enough doors and windows, mechanical ventilation maintained to the best standards. Temperatures in offices that require less effort should be at 16 degrees and those that require more effort should be reduced to 13 degrees.

Workplace safety

In workplaces, floors and traffic routes should be safe to work around. The floors should be less slippery; open sided staircases fitted with handrails. The routes that the vehicles are using should be wide and high enough to make movement safe.

There should be a transport management team that overlooks the movement of cars in the workplace, ensure that there are forklifts, mobile cranes for lifting heavy products.

Other small safety precautions include windows and doors that are transparent enough to avoid collusion when on movements, places with hazardous containers with substances, pits should be covered or fenced to avoid accidents. Gates should be well fitted with safe security devices.


  • hjhjhjhjhhjhjhjThe working environment should be spacious, well maintained and cleanliness should be top notch. Water and any other thing for consumption by employees should be hygienically prepared.
  • There should be rest places for employees where they have lunch, can be canteens with clean food. In cases where there are pregnant and nursing mothers the rest areas should be convenient for them too
  • Sanitary facilities should be separated both for male and females. Washing facilities should be well maintained, running water, soap, and hand dry service.
  • In organizations that wear work clothes, there should be safe and private changing rooms.
  • Employees to perform better in the Safe and healthy environment.
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