Things To Look For In Health And Safety Recruitment

For an individual to start a successful career in health and safety, he or she employ some ways to gain the skills and qualifications which are necessary. The advisers from health and safety are also referred to as practitioners or officers. A healthy and safety culture is promoted through the use of their skills and knowledge in the workplace. The role played by health, and safety adviser is to ensure workers follow safety legislation strictly and that the practices and safety policies are acquired and adhered to. The preventative safety measures are planned, implemented, monitored and reviewed by healthy and safety advisers while working in a range of organizations from small to multinationals consultancies.


gghghghghghThe risk assessment is carried out by health and safety practitioners and the ways on how the risks could be minimized. Safe operational procedures are outlined to establish and take into account all the relevant hazards. Site inspections should be carried out on a daily basis to look for policies and procedures if they are properly implemented. Health and safety advisers ensure the working practices comply with the legislation and are safe at the same time.

The strategies on health and safety are prepared, and internal policy is developed. In-house training is conducted by the advisers to the workers and managers about issues and risks involved in health and safety. Records of inspection findings are kept by them and produce reports that offer solutions and improvements.


When an individual starts to work as a health and safety practitioner, his or her starting salary is in the range of twenty-four thousand pounds to thirty-two pounds. For a senior health and safety adviser, they are paid in the range of forty thousand pounds to fifty-five thousand pounds. The factors which determine what a person is paid is the size of the employing company, the sector and one’s qualifications and level of experience. For those individuals working abroad, they are paid better because of many benefits such as bonuses, medical insurance and so on. The working hours are usually from Monday to Friday. In the case of an accident, one may be forced to work irregular hours.


jjhjhjhwqxzHealth and safety adviser perform his or work in an office, but in some situations, he or she may be compelled to work in the plant, factory or other working premises. When a practitioner visits a workplace, he or she will be required to wear protective clothing.

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